Thursday, 28 June, 2012

Manufacturing Laminated Woven Sacks Machine

In India not to many factories manufacturing laminated Woven sacks in whole. What I mean is that some factories are making the woven raw material then they make the lamination in another factory, then make the sewing and cutting in another factory or they make the square bottom in another factory etc.

First we must produce the raw material. The raw material is obviously woven. If you are interested in the Woven raw material you can watch the video we made in the factory about how to produce woven sacks machine.

Then usually we have 3 options:
1. If we are manufacturing laminated woven sacks as then we just sew the bottom of the sacks check out the sewing laminated bag video and basically we are finished with the procedure and ready to pack.

2. If we are manufacturing laminated woven sacks as bag for or small component powders then we sew the bottom of the sacks just as the normal version then we put a plastic inlay bag into the sacks. Since the woven sacks material is not closed liquid or small component powder material could easily pour out. That is why we need to insert a plastic inlay bag into every sacks.

3. If we are manufacturing laminated woven sacks with square bottom the sacks go to a special square bottom factory and they make the square bottom. When the sacks come back from the square bottom factory we divide the sacks one by one. The reason for this is that the sacks are freshly glued and there are always some glue come outside and stick the sacks together.

The reason I like our factory at is because we do the 80% of the manufacturing laminated woven sacks and we have the control all the way. That means we only buy the woven material in rolls from else where. Then we do all the rest.

For more information on Woven Sacks Machine, feel free to contact company directly through click on image.

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