Tuesday, 12 November, 2013

Machinery Used For Manufacturing Of Industrial Packaging Products

As packaging is very important for every product, the demand for machinery used in industrial packaging is increasing by the day. Food business to clothing or even technology industry packaging is required in every business. Packaging protects the product from a possible damage and thus saves losses to business.

Therefore it becomes highly important to choose machinery that is of high quality that helps in keeping the products secure in its original state once it is produced.

Different products have different packaging needs and they need different types of machines to fulfill these specific packaging needs. Different types of packaging materials are used from boxes to bottles. As such for outer packaging needs forming, cleaning and sealing machinery is available. For internal packaging machinery like filling, wrapping etc are available. Industrial packaging machinery can be classified as Automatic, semi – automatic etc.

Different types of Industrial packaging machinery are:
  • Side Sealing Machinery: Side sealing can be a 3 or 4 way side sealing used in a variety of industries from food to pharmaceuticals. They can be fully automatic machines; they help in high quality packaging without folds working with re tractable films.
  • Pouch Making Machinery: Working with various films materials and produce high quality bags and pouches with storage capacity and are also heat resistant. They are used for packaging in a wide variety of industries ranging from food industry to the medical industry.
  • Woven Sacks Bag Cutting Machinery: This type of packaging is used in industries where fine matter is produced; such machinery produces packaging, bags that help the product keep intact and doesn’t let it ooze out. Care is also taken to avoid any leakage of material from the packages. Different types of packaging include HDPE woven bags, PP woven bags, PP woven fabrics etc.
  • Twist &Gusset Machines: These machines are used for producing side gusset, gusset and shift gusset for woven bags.
  • Extrusion Lamination: is used as a coating for PP extruded film lamination or LDPE on woven bags and sacks, BOPP, Knotted bags, Aluminum foil and has uses in many varied industries.
Apart from all these machinery there are many other machines like Sarvo driven bottom cutting and sealing machines, digital line guide system, web aligner, tension control system, opener re winder machines etc in the market catering to the packaging needs of many industries.

Before purchasing or installing machinery it is highly important to make sure that the manufacturer of the industrial packaging machinery is reputed, has good experience in making such machines. Nirjanggroup, a leader in making such machinery for years has experience and expertise that helps them make such machinery in a way that best caters to the needs of their clients in different industries. They manufacture packaging machinery that is easy to use, low on maintenance, strong sealing, and heavy duty vibration free structure; also they provide world class customer service and help in installation of machines.

Packaging is an art, science and a great marketing technique that could help your business success. To achieve this goal it is important to use Industrial packaging machinery that helps you pack your products clean, neat and secure which helps in preventing leakages, wastages, spoilage and also makes your products look more attractive.

Tuesday, 15 October, 2013

Plastic Package Machinery Suppliers Making Our Lives Better

Plastic being highly recyclable, the importance of plastic packaging machinery manufacturing in India is increasing by the day. Today plastic is being used in many different ways, from daily use to commercial uses, plastic is the material that one uses in daily life. Plastic packaging material is preferred over metallic or glass containers, as plastic packages are easy to carry, cost less to manufacture, and most importantly reduce environmental hazards.

Plastic Industrial packaging suppliers

The demand and usage of plastic packaging material has increased manifolds, the world over, creating a higher demand for manufactures to create packaging machinery. Today there is a greater demand from industrial as well as domestic consumers for plastic packages. Labor intensive and third world countries like China and India, have a greater role in meeting this ever growing demand.

Some examples of industries using plastic pouches and bags are: Pharmaceutical industry, Food and beverage industry, Beer, wine and spirits industry, Cosmetics and beauty products, Textiles and fashion dresses, agri and dairy products businesses. The list of industries using packages made out of plastics is endless.

All these industries are looking towards suppliers of packaging machinery that helps them create packets, pouches and bags that: provides protection to the material packed against air, light, smell, moisture and gas.
Industrial packaging suppliers in India use different machinery for different purposes and different industries;
  • Pouch packing machinery: Pouches are important packaging material in every business, and as such machinery to make pouches is important in the day to day operations of many businesses. Some features important are easy and low maintenance, heavy duty, free from vibration machine, strong sealing, etc.
  • Skin packaging machine: This type of machinery creates packages used in: Automotive industries, for packing of Oil seals, gaskets etc., Computer parts, Household items, drinking glass, tea and coffee cups etc.
  • Blister sealing machine: used extensively in Pharmaceutical industries etc to pack the content secure. Such machines are in great demand as they are in expensive and provide compact packages for materials.
  • Blister forming machines: Extensively used in both food and non food industry, packages are formed, created using a process of thermo forming, where plastic sheets are heated and shaped with air pressure on a mould, and cooled so the final shape of the packet is formed.
All these machinery use appropriate technology to manufacture such machinery, is also easy to handle and operate and cost less for maintenance, but can increase your business activity and profits.

Nirjang Group, a leader in Industrial Plastic Packaging Machinery Supplier has earned quite a reputation as a force to consider with, in this line of business, serving enviable list of clients in India and abroad. They have a vast experience of 15 years in this industry and have gained expertise in areas like packaging machinery & equipments manufacturing.

As the share of plastic packaging increases worldwide, standing at a staggering 54% today, plastic packets are increasingly used to pack food products, to life saving medicines and computers helping business success to video games for entertainment. Such packets are recyclable, as against glass containers or even paper packets which harm environment, guarantee environmental safety also. Packaging machinery has a lot to offer this world and make our lives comfortable.

Sunday, 22 September, 2013

Consider Industrial Equipment Reviews To Buy The Best

Industrial equipment such as Pouch making machine, PE coating machine, Plastic processing machinery, etc. are being used in big industrial plants. If you are thinking to purchase industrial equipment or machinery, then you should consider industrial equipment reviews. The main reason behind this is that it will give you an idea about which products are highly sold in the market and which reputed brands offers the best industrial equipment or machinery.

There are number of factors which need to be considered. Buying industrial equipment like industrial packaging machinery, PE coating machine, etc. is not an affordable expense. Some of the equipment may prove an expensive affair for you and may even burn a hole in your pocket, if you don’t plan carefully while buying industrial machinery.

Unfortunately, not all the products or machinery available in the market are of the best quality. There are certain companies which are making efforts to cater to the varied demands of customers. Even though globalization is on rise, some companies are not yet taking full advantage of advanced technology. For this reason, it is very important to be careful while purchasing equipment and you should take some time out to read several reviews given by people. After all, the equipment you would be purchasing would be playing a vital role in the success of your company.

Therefore, besides reviews also conduct a thorough research, before purchasing industrial machineries. A wise buyer is one who looks for options and tries to compare the rate, features and functionalities of machinery among other types of machineries.

There is no harm in relying on company or brand, when choosing industrial machinery or equipment such as Pouch making machine, Plastic processing machinery, industrial packaging machinery, etc. Some unbiased reviews regarding these machinery will give you an idea about whether the brand is trust able or not. Many times, customers provide testimonials about the company and its products. Internet is the best place where you can read loads of reviews; therefore it is advisable to consider these reviews to buy the best equipment.

Thursday, 12 September, 2013

How to Buy Right Industrial Packaging Machinery or Other Machinery?

There are different types of industrial equipment offered in the market such as PE coating Machine, plastic processing machinery, industrial packaging machinery, etc. Selecting the best equipment depends purely on the type of brand or machinery type you are looking for.

It is very important for buyers to be smart and patient, when shopping for different industrial equipment such as Pouch making machine, PE coating machine, plastic processing machinery, etc. Picking out the best equipment requires you to conduct an extensive research online, little extra work and critical eye to find out the right and genuine machinery.

Following is a step-by-step guide for selecting the best equipment:-
  • Determine which type of machinery your industry needs?
  • Different industries require different types of machinery for carrying out their industrial tasks. Observing machinery operations will give you an idea about number of equipment you will require for sufficing optimum production of your industry.
  • Determine budget
  • This is very important factor for any company or industry, especially when it want to boost its production by purchasing or making use of additional equipment. When determining budget limit, it is useful to ask – will the investment provide sufficient returns in the least possible time? Can the expenses be anticipated if the equipment or machinery breaks down?
    Considering such type of questions will provide you an exact idea about financial status of your company and whether losses(if they happen) will have serious impact on your business or not.
  • Research
  • Conduct an extensive research offline and online to get informative tips regarding purchase of industrial machinery. Refer to advertisements offline and online as well as it will also give you an idea about reputed companies, which manufacture and sell industrial equipment.
  • Ask around
  • On finding a reputed industrial equipment selling company, you should then ask people in the business about the brand and their review for it. Also, ask whether they have purchased any industrial equipment from that specific company or about the product review.
Thus, in this way by considering the above points mentioned in the guide, you will be confident at the time of buying industrial packaging machinery or any other industrial equipment.

Monday, 6 May, 2013

High Speed Fully Automatic Servo Driven Woven Sacks Bag Cutting Machine

• Ideally suitable for fertilizer bag & laminated bag
• High Production speed of 55 mtr. /min.
• User friendly operation
• Heavy duty vibration free structure
• Microprocessor based system with digital display
• Variation in cut length less than1%
• Less man power required
• Less Space required
• Perfect Batch Counting

Friday, 22 March, 2013

Plastic Equipment Manufacturer

In plastic industry, there is a separate branch that supplies machines to manufacturers. Further, these are specialized machines based on the process manufacturers are specialized in such as injection molding, stretch blow molding, blow film, profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, rotation molding etc.

Ever since its inception plastic industry has really grown as major industry. Plastic is used by us in many forms in our daily life. The demand for the plastic processing machines is really high as it is the most versatile material.

Plastics processing equipment demand in developed parts of the world will expand as well, although growth will be much less robust than in developing countries. Product sales will be driven by generally favorable economic conditions and further increases in plastics processing activity in developed areas, bolstering demand for plastics processing machinery as fixed investment activity climbs.

Plastics industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century. However, due to its products mainly through heat, pressure and other physical methods of production to determine its mode of production characteristic of high energy consumption. For the high-energy consumption equipment, plastic products, how energy-saving, improve product competitiveness has become an important means. Plastic Machinery is an important pillar of the development of the plastics industry, plastics industry, it provides advanced technical equipment, its development is the basis for the development of the plastics industry, but also by the plastics industry development.

Before the emergence of plastic extrusion machines in industrial arena, final finishing wasn't up to the needed quality standards. Thanks to technological advancement in extrusion machines, now final products feature top notch in quality standards. It will not be a overstatement to quote that all industrial products undergo extrusion process for completing its shape, size and smooth finish. The best concern of employing plastic extrusion machines are less tolerance and better product quality.

Nijrang Group is Industrial Packaging Suppliers In India of very high quality Printing, Packaging and Woven sack machineries and equipments like Sarvo Driven Bottom Cutting and Sealing Machine, Side Sealing Machine, Pouch Making Machine, Woven Sacks Bag Cutting Machine, Twist and Gusset Machine, Gusset Machine For Woven Fabric, Extrusion Lamination Plant, Opener Rewinder Machine, Surface Winder With Auto Splicing, Tension Control System, Digital Line Guide System, Plastic Equipment Manufacturer in allover in India. If you want to contact us then visit website www.nijranggroup.com

Wednesday, 6 February, 2013

High-Speed Fully Automatic Servo Driven Pouch Making Machine

One of the best technological innovations in the field of packaging is the automated pouch packaging machine. Only a few people specialize in the manufacturing of such machines. Plastic Pouch Bag Making Machines are a part of Plastic Bag Making Machines.

Types of Plastic Pouch manufactured
  • Zipper pouches
  • Stand up pouches
  • Three side seal pouch
  • Bottom seal pouch
Application of Pouch Making Machine
  • Agriculture
  • Pet Foods
  • Food Industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Medical Applications
The basic feature in a pouch packing machine is the precision of packing those results in the appropriate size, cut and weight of the pouches. All the machines are built and developed in a manner that they go beyond all the standards of quality. Packaging machine manufacturer India uses the best technology in the manufacturer of pouch packing machine.

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers India use heat sealing system in their machines that is considered as the supreme sealing solution in the world. The machines help in filling the pouches, sealing them and as well as cutting them. All the steps happen on a continuous basis on the pouch packing machines.

Nowadays, most of the manufacturers are having an automatic pouch packaging machine within their production premises. Having an all-inclusive automatic pouch packaging machine in-house leads to a huge saving, apart from keeping their packaging process updated.

  • Less Maintenance
  • Easy operation
  • Strong Sealing
  • Heavy duty vibration Free structure
  • Microprocessor with digital display
  • Stepper model also available

Wednesday, 30 January, 2013

Plastic Processing Equipment and Industrial Packaging Machinery Manufacturer

Few of the a lot of plastic processing varieties of machinery produced in sizeable scale in India and having a enormous demand in the international shores.

NijrangGroup is Wellknown Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter of Plastic Processing Machine from Delhi/India. We make High quality of Plastic Processing Machinery.

Our company is a very professional enterprise with high, latest and advanced technology for manufacturing plastic machinery with high performance and high quality. We have very strong technical power and developing capacity of new products, perfect and considerate technical service. We have developed various patented products and leading technologies in this field. With profound understanding of plastic extruding technology and outstanding of machinery processing ability making our machines distinguish from others.

Nijrang Group is the leader manufacturer and exporter of Plastic Processing Machinery for the most comprehensive lines for the plastics industry. The company has succeeded in maintaining high standards in manufacturing Plastic Processing Equipment and Industrial Packaging Machinery. The growth of the company has been boost by its strong focus on innovation, technology, flexibility and service, all of which have placed Nijranggroup as the Industrial Packaging Suppliers In India.

Product List of Plastic Processing Equipment and Industrial Packaging Machinery
  • Sarvo Driven Bottom Cutting & Sealing Machine
  • Side Sealing Machine
  • Pouch Making Machine

  • Woven Sacks Bag Cutting Machine
  • Twist & Gusset Machine
  • Gusset Machine For Woven Fabric
  • Extrusion Lamination Plant
  • Opener Rewinder Machine
  • Surface Winder With Auto Splicing
  • Tension Control System
  • Digital Line Guide System
  • Web Aligner
  • Three Drive / Five Drive / Multi Drive Synchronised System
  • Tuber(Center Pasting) Machine
  • Fully Automatic Woven Sacks Cutting Machine(Heat Cut)

Monday, 7 January, 2013

Vibrant Gujarat Hyper Expo 2013 - NijrangGroup

Mahatma Mandir is situated in Gandhinagar, India. This temple is one of the most famous venues which host various conventions, exhibitions and trade shows. Hyper Expo is an interesting zone of Vibrant Gujarat global trade show 2013. Vibrant Gujarat Hyper Expo 2013 for fashion accessories, fashion clothing, Apparels and more.

Hyper Expo, the part of the 6th Vibrant Gujarat Summit in 2013, is a mega scale trade show with unlimited opportunities. The expo will showcase lifestyle, leisure & entertainment related products and services under one roof. The show will draw the attention of business investors & general visitors. This Vibrant Gujarat Exhibition will be expecting more than 25 lac visitors.

Hyper expo is the world's premier trade show, who offers both B2B + B2C interface to excel business opportunities. It will be a prime attraction not only for the general visitors but also for the business investors & wizards. The ambience and the dcor would be provide perfect environment for refreshing experience of trade and business.

This event will serve as a forum for selected manufacturer/retailers to showcase their products in a 6 days selling spree set amidst the Capital’s breathtaking green environment during winter season.

From Jan 8 to Jan 13, 2013, We will be holding our first ever exhibition of lifestyle, leisure & entertainment dubbed as Hyper Expo at Mahatma Mandir at Gandhinagar (Gujarat, India).

Kindly Visit Us in this mega event at Hall No: 6 and Stall No: 3, here we are going to demonstrate Heat cut woven sack cutting Machine, Centre Pasting Machine, Twist and Guesst Machine, Woven Sacks Machine, Cutting and Sealing Machine, Plastic Processing Machinery and other packaging machines.

NijrangGroup is Leading Plastic Machinery Manufacturers In India. Being trusted name in the plastic processing industry as an ultimate & customised solution provider for the extrusion machineries. Nijrang Group has a well earned name in Printing, Packaging & Woven sack industry.

Business Hours: 10 am to 4 pm for Invitees - Industrialists, CEOs, Bureaucrats & Socialites
General Hours: 4 to 7 pm for other visitors

HYPER EXPO is a unique and the most beneficial platform for growth and prosperity. It is a platform wherein the best of manufacturers and the best of innovations will come to showcase the latest advancements in manufacturing technology.

The Hyper Expo 2013 is a perfect location to promote products, build business contacts, enhance leadership status, establish brand awareness and reinforce corporate projection, organization & services.

For more details please do visit – Nijranggroup.com