Wednesday, 30 January, 2013

Plastic Processing Equipment and Industrial Packaging Machinery Manufacturer

Few of the a lot of plastic processing varieties of machinery produced in sizeable scale in India and having a enormous demand in the international shores.

NijrangGroup is Wellknown Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter of Plastic Processing Machine from Delhi/India. We make High quality of Plastic Processing Machinery.

Our company is a very professional enterprise with high, latest and advanced technology for manufacturing plastic machinery with high performance and high quality. We have very strong technical power and developing capacity of new products, perfect and considerate technical service. We have developed various patented products and leading technologies in this field. With profound understanding of plastic extruding technology and outstanding of machinery processing ability making our machines distinguish from others.

Nijrang Group is the leader manufacturer and exporter of Plastic Processing Machinery for the most comprehensive lines for the plastics industry. The company has succeeded in maintaining high standards in manufacturing Plastic Processing Equipment and Industrial Packaging Machinery. The growth of the company has been boost by its strong focus on innovation, technology, flexibility and service, all of which have placed Nijranggroup as the Industrial Packaging Suppliers In India.

Product List of Plastic Processing Equipment and Industrial Packaging Machinery
  • Sarvo Driven Bottom Cutting & Sealing Machine
  • Side Sealing Machine
  • Pouch Making Machine

  • Woven Sacks Bag Cutting Machine
  • Twist & Gusset Machine
  • Gusset Machine For Woven Fabric
  • Extrusion Lamination Plant
  • Opener Rewinder Machine
  • Surface Winder With Auto Splicing
  • Tension Control System
  • Digital Line Guide System
  • Web Aligner
  • Three Drive / Five Drive / Multi Drive Synchronised System
  • Tuber(Center Pasting) Machine
  • Fully Automatic Woven Sacks Cutting Machine(Heat Cut)


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