Tuesday, 17 July, 2012

Nijrang Introduces Tension Control System

Tension control is the ability to permanently control the mechanical tension in any material (mainly the raw material available in roll size). This control has to be operated dynamically and statically. On every machine the operator should be only concerned by the speed and operation. The line speed is considered as master function. The tension control must be efficient at any machine speed phase, including machine acceleration, steady speed and speed deceleration. Emergency stop case does not require accurate tension control but should act in the way to avoid the web breakage. It is then very important to consider all machine speed phases for the system determination.

When a web of these materials is unwound or rewound the web tension varies as the roll diameter of the material changes. Web tension must be maintained at a constant level to prevent wrinkles, sags, changes in width or thickness, or breakage of the web. In printing processes, variable tension causes a paper web to stretch or shrink, causing sudden register errors. This problem necessitates tension control.

Nijrang introduces Tension Control System for Precise tension & torque control solution in Web Converting Industries. The system automatically controls tension during manufacturing & various treatment processes of Paper, Film, Foil, BOPP, Polyester, Rubber, Fabric and so on. When a web of these materials is unwound or rewound, Web Tension must be maintained at a Constant Level to prevent wrinkles, sags, changes in width or thickness or breakage of the web. In printing process Variable Tension causes a web to stretch or shrink, causing out registration. These problems necessitate tension control system. So by maintaining uniform tension during any process quality can be improved with higher production & lower wastage.

Different types of system available like powder brake with load cell feedback, D.C. Motor based & A.C. Motor based tension control system. The system is useful for any winding or unwinding application for any kind of material & any type of machines for different processes.

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