Thursday, 16 August, 2012

Nijrang provide high-speed fully automatic Servo Cutting Machine

Packaging has always been one of the important factors for the sales of the product and this stands true even today. Packaging not only protects and makes the product durable but also increases the life of the product by providing it proper protection required against all odds and also all the way through transporting the product.

In India manufacture of packaging machinery in Gujarat there is in Ahmedabad Nijrang Group manufacture these type of machinery. Nijrang Group is supplier and Manufacturers of most versatile range of machineries and equipments for printing, packaging and woven sack industry since last 15 years. they provide equipment and machinery to plastic manufacturing companies in the Asia, with our stringent testing and research, they can confidently sell our high quality products to Asian customers. This machine manufacture product bag maker. This is a Plastic Bag Making Machine.

These Servo & Stepper Driven Bottom Cutting & Sealing machine are available with following features
  • This machine Available with servo/stepper
  • Machine High speed -180* pcs. / min.
  • Micro Processor Based controller with Digital Display.
  • In a Machine Touch screen setting for speed, size & count on key board.
  • Photocell for printed roll.
  • Strong sealing.
If you want to know more then see below video.

Nijrang Group has a well earned name in Printing, Packaging & Woven sack industry. Since last 15 years, they are engaged in Manufacturing machineries & equipments. Today they have their network throughout the India & Abroad as well. Passion for quality coupled with our successful business experience & teamwork. 

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