Friday, 26 October, 2012

Extrusion Coating Plant Supply by Industrial Packaging Suppliers In India

Plastic Machinery is a very broad term which includes constellation of machines that are used for carrying out the tasks of molding, extrusion, lamination, packing, coating and so on. These machines are also known as Plastic Processing Machinery that are fabricated by a number of companies based in various countries including India. There are a number of online B2B portals that offer ample opportunities to various Plastic Machinery Manufacturers and Buyers. But before dealing with a specific Plastic Machinery Supplier, one must understand his own requirements and should have complete knowledge of required machinery.

Extrusion is an apparatus and a process that is used to create objects of a fixed cross sectional profile. A material is pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross section. The two main advantages of this process are the ability to create very complex cross sections and work on materials that are brittle. The extrusion process can be done with both the hot or cold materials. Materials that are commonly used for extrusion are polymers, metals, ceramics and food stuffs.

Extrusion Coating
Extrusion coating use a blown or cast film process to coat an additional layer on existing roll stock of paper, cotton cloth, woven fabrics, jute fabric, aluminum foil, Bopp film or polyester film. This process can be used to improve the characteristics of paper by coating on it with polyethylene to make it more resistant to water. The extruded layer can also be used as an adhesive to bring two other materials together.

Extrusion Lamination
Extrusion lamination is a process that is used to combine two different substrates using molten polymers. The process of extrusion lamination includes both the characteristics of extrusion and lamination. Our Extrusion Lamination Machine is said to be versatile as it can provide lamination for various substrates including metal, paper and mainly plastic films. It can provide lamination of different thicknesses with level of quality.

Professional Extrusion Lamination Machine manufacturer in India offer superior quality extrusion coating as well as extrusion lamination plant for their efficient use on IDPE thin layer coating and PP thin layer coating on substances like paper, cotton cloth, woven fabrics, jute fabrics and aluminum foil applications. The equipment supplied by us can able to meet different packaging and lamination needs of all your plastic processing industries.

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